Maryland Wedding Photographer Styles of Shooting

What’s your favorite style for wedding photography?

Night shot of bride twirling in dress at Christian Royer House, Maryland wedding photographer styles

There are a lot of Maryland Wedding Photographer Styles to choose from…

To discover your artistic match, search for wedding photographers on google or Instagram to see which images you gravitate towards and pay attention to how they are edited.

Do you prefer Dark and Moody? Light and Airy? True to Color?

Do they have more of a film / grain look? Are they dark and moody… or lighter and airier and pastel-like? My personal style is best described as “vibrant with a candid flare” as I do love colors and also more candid style images.

BUT… be wary of asking a photographer to alter their editing style…

Some clients ask photographers if they can change their normal way of editing to match their preferences. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with them asking, but normally, this would be a sign it’s just not the best match. Dark and Moody photographers aren’t suddenly going to nail light and airy edits – and the same goes in reverse of that. So, again, select a photographer who’s editing style you already love…

Wedding at Christian Royer House, Maryland wedding photographer styles

As I mentioned, as a Vibrant and True to Color photo editor and shooter, my colors aren’t muted out and there’s “kick” to the image and contrast of the colors…

Maryland wedding photographer styles, vibrant and true to color, Kimberly Dean Photos

Colors are “true to reality” – without losing their vibrance. For me personally, I want to cover the true essence of the day, including the amazing colors surrounding us!

That being said, black and white photographs are always a part of my galleries, and nothing is more powerful than a solid black and white emotional photo! The lack OF any color really emphasizes the moment itself… see what I mean with this image below:

black and white photo of dancing bride and groom, Maryland wedding photographer styles

It’s okay if some Maryland wedding photographer styles seem to cross over… everyone is different and can bring a few hybrid styles into their own. Just remember to pick a photographer who’s style you really love versus selecting one you like and asking them to alter their style.

View more of my wedding work here!

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