on your wedding day...

Have your dress hanging and ready for me
It's SUPER helpful to have your dress hanging up for me before I arrive in window or a doorway. In addition, have your shoes and veil laid out with your gown for me to get started right away. Time is limited EVEN when I pad the time for detail work. These shots take time to get right.

Prepare a flat lay box
Gather the goodies you wish to show in your flat lay shots...
Your invitation, ring boxes, rings, any jewelry, ribbon (I'll also have ribbon on me!), invitation, special trinkets, etc. Make sure they are together in a box so I know they are all for your flat lay!

Know that the girls will need to get dressed before the bride
Once we complete our robe shots and bed shots of the girls together popping some champagne or just hanging out, it's time to get all the ladies ready BEFORE the bride. This is because the girls and mom are going to help with getting the bride in her gown, and after that process we move straight into the formal portraits of the bridal party.

The guys do NOT need as much time as the girls for portraits

This is kind of a given, but the guys usually don't have to get dressed any earlier than an hour before the ceremony IF there isn't a first look. A second shooter usually starts then with the guys and stays until the first dance/ through the first dance.

OMG!!! It's the Day of Your Wedding!!!

Here's what to expect from me and how parts of this day will roll!

Know that I need time to set up my lights at the reception
Once the ceremony and formals are all complete, I'm going to need approximately 15 minutes to get my lighting set up for your reception! My team and I will be very clear with the DJ and we will work hard to complete this process WELL before your scheduled introductions! Just know we will stop shooting formals to allow ourselves this time to prepare for the reception.

I will need a rest during dinner
Speeches of courses, but during actual dinner is an important time for a relief period before the big party starts. I need a moment to have a meal, rest my feet and get my head on for the next part of the night. AND no one wants photos of themselves eating dinner... believe me!

You'll have opportunities to go back outside with me
If there's a solid sunset, or later in the night you want a super moody night shot (oh especially if it drizzles!), know that we can do any of that. I may tap you on the shoulder and ask if you're down for going back outside... and if you are NOT then we don't! I leave these decisions entirely up to you!

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