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In May, 2015... I finally opened that box five months after the holidays. Inside was a Canon Rebel T3i. Life was heavy at the time, and I felt a new hobby would do me so much good (looking back, it feels like that little camera knew it just needed to be patient and wait for me). 
Off into the woods I ventured with this unfamiliar device. I vividly recall the sounds of leaves rustling on the trails as the birds chirped and the sweet aroma of spring filled the air. My mind slowed down, and my spirit eased as I peered through the glass. All I had to do was see something in the frame and click the button. I knew absolutely NOTHING about shooting in manual mode and was at the mercy of the auto settings.
Within a few minutes, close ups of textures of the tree bark as well as petals of wildflowers filled the view finder. It didn't take long before I was OBSESSED with this process. 
I left he woods with a giddiness, a lightness in my soul, that I hadn't felt in weeks. Maybe even months. Soon enough, the passion evolved fast and furious, and each day, I disappeared with that canon rebel.
As you can imagine, "one thing led to another" and voila: almost 200 weddings later, here I am today! What I was meant to do with my life was patiently waiting for me inside a cardboard box (with crinkled wrapping paper collecting some dust). Life is funny sometimes.

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If you work with me, one thing is for certain... I am a warrior on a wedding day. There's not much I wouldn't do to help my couples feel as stress free as possible...

I've scrubbed lipstick off of dresses, rigged ripped veils, ran beverages to thirsty couples, and pinned countless boutonnieres. I basically do what it takes to make this day the very best of your life!!!


Maryland Wedding Photographer, Kimberly Dean, captures a wedding ceremony at Loyola's chapel in Baltimore